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Healthy Weight Loss. Why Do I Need a Professional?

Diets can be found on the internet, in the fashion magazines, in bar conversations, or in friends and family cookbook advice. You may have heard of miraculous teas that promise to “dry you up” in a few days. Or you may have heard of pills that magically dissolve belly fat. Even worse, you may have heard of very expensive ultrasound devices that burn your fat.

The offer for a “miraculous” method is quite common nowadays because most of us want fast results. No surprise, we also want fast results when it comes to weight loss. However, fast results are neither realistic nor sustainable.

Quick weight loss can be very harmful to health and is unsustainable most of the time. Medical problems related to quick weight loss range from nutritional deficiencies to the weakening of the immune system and the unwanted accordion effect: when the person gains all of her/his weight back.

What is the best way to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way? Simple! Seek guidance from a medical professional who specializes in obesity and weight management.

Why do you need medical advice for a healthy weight loss

A person who gains a lot of weight may have developed a thyroid disorder. A very stressed man tends to develop high levels of cortisol leading to the accumulation of fat. In all these situations, medical help will be vital to determine the ideal and healthy weight loss plan.

While most people always have that out of pocket tip about weight loss, the truth is that most people don’t take medical needs and personalized differences into account. What really works in the long term is knowing exactly what caused the obesity and why weight loss is so difficult. A medical provider who specializes in weight management can determine the reasons behind your obesity.

Still not convinced why medical supervised weight loss is right for you?

Medical Examinations: Decisions based on evidence

A provider will use laboratory testing in order to identify problems that may prevent you from losing weight and other problems that are disturbing your health – such as high cholesterol and hypertension, for example.

Appropriate and personalized service

The importance of going to a medical professional, having tests and presenting your problem to him is mainly to receive care that is right for you. This way, your diet can adapt to your nutritional needs and any health problems you may have.

Correct diet prescription

Prescribing an adequate diet is vital for your weight loss to be successful. However, it is not just about diet, but also about health re-education, as it helps in a definitive change of habits to achieve quality of life and an even more beautiful body.

In addition, your provider may prescribe weight loss medication in pill or injection form. Rest assured these medications are completely safe and clinically tested.

Some remedies reduce appetite, while others limit the amount of fat absorbed by the body. There are still others that speed up the metabolism. You provider will know the best medication or combination of medications adequate for you.

Individualized follow-up

Each individual has its specificities and each organism works in a unique way. What works for one is often ineffective for another. Without close and personalized follow-up, it will be very difficult to achieve the maximum result.

There are three main components to medical weight loss – the initial consultation, behavioral changes and if preferred – weight loss medications.

Earn your health, earn your well-being!

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