Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start TRT or HRT even though my Primary Care Physician says my levels are “normal”?

While primary care physicians do their best to determine whether or not your health markers are of concern, they do not specialize in hormone health or endocrinology. The values your PCP considers normal may just be out of whack for you; every person is different. That is why our labs look at many things that your PCP labs do not. These labs combined with your unique symptoms is how we determine the right course of treatment for you.

How soon will I see results?

When starting HRT or TRT, we ask you to commit for at least 6 months as it takes time for your body to fully adjust to altered hormone levels. Patients typically notice the first changes being mental improvements (mood, energy, sleep, etc) within the first month or two. Following those benefits usually are the sexual improvements (libido, performance, stamina, etc) in the following months. Finally come the physical improvements at about 5 to 6 months of being on TRT.

Does the HRT or TRT have to be injectable? Do you offer any other options?

Yes we do have alternatives to injectable treatment. Alternatives include oral medication, nasal gel, topical cream, supplements and vitamins, and lifestyle changes. All of our treatments are customized to fit the needs of our patients. After looking at your initial fasting labs, our providers can give you a better idea as to what will be most effective and approachable for you.

What if I have recent labs from my Primary Care Physician?

We would be happy to look at your recent labs, however, most primary care providers do not run the specific tests we need. Please email your labs to elite@elitehormones.com and we will look them over. You may still need to have initial fasting labs drawn with us.

I am already on HRT or TRT and am looking to change clinics. How can I get started with Elite Hormones?

We would be happy to look at your recent labs. If they were drawn within the last 8-12 weeks, it is likely this will provide enough information to get you started with EMTC. Please note that regardless of how recent the labs are, it will be up to our providers to determine whether or not there is enough information provided to move forward with treatment or if you need to get labs drawn with our clinic. Please email your labs to elite@elitehormones.com and we will assess them.

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance but most HSA or flex spending plans will cover our services. We do provide the necessary codes and diagnoses on our invoices so patients are able to submit their receipts directly to their insurance for reimbursement if they so choose.

I live out of state. Can I be a patient?

Although our providers are licensed in Wisconsin, we do treat patients from out of state if they are willing to travel to one in person visit per year at one of our clinics. If preferred, the other follow-up visits can be completed via telemedicine for your convenience.

Do you provide women's health services?

Yes, we do offer all of our services including hormone optimization therapy for females as well.

I need to donate blood; where do you recommend I go to do this?

In Wausau, the Blood Central of North Central Wisconsin, located downtown Wausau, or the American Red Cross are both great, easy options. The American Red Cross is also a good option for those located closer to Eau Claire as well. They have a website that makes it easy to self schedule your donation appts.

I live far away. Do I have to travel to your office to be a patient?

If you are starting on testosterone therapy, we do require an in person exam at a minimum of once per year. We offer telemedicine appointments for completing office visits beyond your initial in- person office consultation. For our patients that live far away, we are able to send an order to a lab that is closer and more convenient for you. Most of our patients administer the testosterone themselves out of the comfort of their own home, as our protocol is to ship medications to your residence.

What is the process of TRT or HRT? How do I get started?

The first step to starting treatment with us is to come in for a comprehensive baseline lab draw to see where your natural hormone levels are at and if there are any other abnormalities that are contributing to your current symptoms. It typically takes about a week for us to get those results, and at that time our provider reaches out to you via phone call, email, or both to discuss your personal situation, symptoms, lab results and potential treatment if desired. If you decide to move forward with treatment, you would come in for your initial office visit with our provider where we would review your medical history, complete an exam, and you would receive your first dose of testosterone or medication in the office that day. Treatment from this point on is individualized based on your preference and your needs! The only required appointments after getting started are for follow up visits with lab draws, which occur every 8 weeks after getting started or changing your dose and then once at baseline are every four to six months.

How much does HRT or TRT with you cost? Is there a discount for paying upfront?

Our payment system is more similar to a subscription service to our clinic rather than a direct purchase of products. Our initial office consultation, first four weeks of testosterone, supplies and shipping are $280. We then charge a flat rate of $180 every four weeks for unlimited provider contact, testosterone, supplies, and shipping. Additional medications are additional charges. Follow up labs are $99. We offer a variety of advance payment options with discounted amounts. You have the option to pay for three months ahead with a 5% discount, 6 months ahead with a 7.5% discount, and one year ahead with a 10% discount. This can result in several hundreds of dollars of savings! Advance payments also enable us to send some medications and products in bulk if preferred.